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Inspired by xkcd #538 "Security" (https://xkcd.com/538/).

NSA 4096 is a game based around a 100-level dungeon. It's part RPG, part dungeon crawler, and fairly difficult. Difficulty ramps up faster than you do, if you're not careful. Watch out for status effects and bullets that can go through walls. I doubt anyone will get past level 40, but if you do, let me know in a comment!

Levels are procedurally-generated, and enemies are randomized, so you will always have a slightly different adventure. I thought about adding permadeath, but figured people would end up punching their computer screens if they died anywhere past level 20. I might update later with a NewGame+ option that has permadeath, if enough people request it.

The game should be pretty much done for now, though I haven't done a full play-through just yet (seriously, it's a long, frustratingly difficult grind to level 100 :P ). If you find any major bugs, please let me know!


Use ARROW keys to move.

Press LEFTSHIFT to run.

Press SPACE to interact/open boxes/confirm an action.

Press S-key to attack.

Press ESC to open the menu (or cancel an action).

Check the ReadMe file for asset attributions and acknowledgements!


NSA4096.exe 308 MB

Development log


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I like how you  built a game based on one of my favorite comics! :) Thank you. Once another update will be released, should I just re-extract into the same dir? Will my save files be overwritten?

I also wanted to tell everyone that this worked in WINE for me, just so you know.

Hey, thank you! Yeah, I think this is my second-favourite comic, after the circuit board one. I think you should be able to re-extract into the same directory, and just make sure to overwrite the main game files. Your save file should not be affected, as the game isn't released with a save file that would overwrite it...but maybe make a quick backup copy, just in case. I should be putting out another release version tonight some time that will hopefully make the game even more frustratingly difficult (unless you chose the NERP gun). :)

how do you open it?

Double-click on the icon to unpack the files. In the unpacked file folder, there should be a file named "Game.exe".  :)